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Managerial Head

Our honorable founder, Mr. Mahesh Chandra Jain, after resigning from the post of Armament Engineer in Defense ministry, decided to start his own business in 1974. His love, affection, & dedication towards nature could not attract him to join his parental business of Gold & Diamond jewellery. He preferred to start Menthol herb cultivation and its distillation. He remained in this natural product business for 20 years.

As soon as in 1994 he came to know about the ban on the use of AZO-dyes by Germans, his interest developed to explore our centuries old vegetable dyeing heritage. Initially he faced lot of problems in the identification of pigment bearing vegetation, dyeing processes, as dyeing methods were being transformed by one generation to the next generation. There was no written literature available except some dyed pieces seen in different museums.

He came to know that the first national seminar on natural dyes has been organized by NHDC at Jaipur in 1989. The first international seminar organized by NHDC at Suraj Kund, New Delhi with collaboration of UNDP in 1993. He started research and development work on eco-friendly dyes under the guidance of Mr. H.S Ansari, chief manager NHDC, Ministry of Textile and Dr. M.I.H Farooqui, Phyto-chemist Department Director and with various renowned bio-& phyto chemists, scientists, technocrats of different technical department & laboratories of India such as NBRI, CIMAP, FRI, I.I.T Delhi etc.

He also participated in different activities of NHDC like appropriate technology & exhibitions etc. Company also participated in workshop organized by NHDC in 1995 held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

He dyed few kilograms of cotton yarn by following the different recipes & methods suggested in different articles by the world-renowned vegetable dyers such as Mrs. Ann Milner, Mrs. Jenny Dean, Mr. Darrel Bailey, & others. He got the dyed yarn weaved and made textile for shirting, Home furnishing, made ups etc. Some of the sample pieces of such textile are still with him.

Fastness properties of our dyed yarn & fabric is tested by S.G.S & Textile Committee of India and fastness was 3 to 5 as per ISO-105. As soon as he planned the production of cotton fabric, demand & pressure from wool industry generated so high that he was compelled to work in wool industry. He left behind his own production of cotton fabric & started work on wool.

While he was doing piece dyeing of shirts and wool for shawls in small dyeing pots in his own house, due to increased work pressure his two sons Mr. Alind k. Jain & Mr. Sajal Jain joined him after graduation from Delhi University.

By his own practical experience, he found that in absence of direct Blue, Direct Green, & Direct Black, Natural Dyes couldn’t be usable & feasible in commercial dyeing machines. He started working on this aspect. He dyed hundreds & hundreds of loop by changing dye combinations & with different fermenting ways as done by our ancient dyers in cottage & craft sector.

During our most expensive & time taking work we lost our heart at many occasions but due to our few buyers and impatience in the market to know about this field boosted our moral by sending us lot of letters, faxes, e-mails etc. kept us working in this field.

Ultimately & fortunately, we had developed fermented dyes with simple dyeing methods as detailed in our products profile and indicative shades in our Shade Card.

We found that quality dyeing of different count wool in big quantity was only possible in dyeing machines as demanded by our respected buyer who has established his business with our consultation from last few years. Therefore, Mr. Alind k. Jain shifted to Ludhiana for dyeing different count yarns in big quantities. Now, we are in the position to supply dyed yarn with natural dyes in cone form. He is also capable to supply natural dyed products under tie ups with textile manufacturers.